fredag 22. januar 2010

Daytona Beach

Oh, I just love Daytona beach!
The first time I was here was together with my french friend Anne on our way back from Disney World. It was january 1st, 1988 and I just loved it!
In 2007 I went back with my family. It was a brief stop this time as well, but it was great!
In October I'll be back for one night together with a dear friend and a room with a view is already booked. Can't wait!

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Om meg

I´d like to share with you the pictures I´ve taken of things I´ve found beautiful, curious, fun or maybe sad over the years. I got my first digital camera in 2003, and I have been taking thousands of pictures ever since. I´ve been carrying some kind of camera around since I was 10, and I got my first SLR when I was 23. I love taking pictures of landscapes and just things, and of course - I love capturing my kids in all kinds of different poses and situations! I hope you´ll join me on my past, present and future journeys, and I´d love to hear what you might want to say. Good or bad and most of all constructive advise - and I´ll keep learning !! Eva